Teeth Whitening

Are your teeth blemished? And you feel cognizant every time you smile or have you stopped smiling all together? Years of staining your teeth with tea, coffee, and wine can be removed in an hour and it can improve your face value. Well, you should not be worried about that because instantaneous Teeth Whitening is already an accessible selection for you to get gleaming white teeth. Bleaching or Teeth Whitening will lighten teeth in most cases. Teeth that tend to become yellowish are easy to get lighten.

Bleaching live teeth involves coating the outside of the teeth with a chemical solution -the oxidizing agent and then exposing them to heat or light for half an hour. Teeth can be bleached even if their nerves have been removed as in the case with Root Canal Therapy. In fact such teeth referred by dentists as non-vital or pulpless teeth and are easier to bleach than vital teeth. Teeth whitening or bleaching is a safe, painless and simple process that can be performed in dental cleaning or even at home. It is conventional method of whitening your teeth. If it is done properly, teeth whitening can last for years provided you don’t intend to get stains again.

The technique is also commonly referred to as power bleaching where we use light-activated agents under restricted conditions. Earlier, we regularly offer our patients a revelation of the process on a single tooth to show the extent of change achievable. Other options to achieve Teeth Whitening like home bleach are also available. After investigations and discussing your requirements, our dentist will be able to advise the most popular option to you.

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