The importance of sterilization in the medical business cannot be taken for granted. Whether it is a small clinic or a big hospital, sterilization plays a key role. At DR. Gul's Dent-O-Care you never have to compromise on quality and sterilization. Stringent sterilization procedures are followed to ensure maximum protection against germs and infectious diseases like HIV Aids, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Syphilis etc. A large number of infectious diseases spread through blood and salivary contamination. At DR. Gul's Dent-O-Care we ensure to maintain highest level of sterilization to avoid spreading of these infectious diseases. We have set benchmarks adhering to international standards. All the needles, syringes and gauze pieces are for single use and are properly disposed in bio-waste. Taking the notch of protection higher, we use disposable gloves and masks that can be discarded after every single use.

4 step Sterilization Procedure –
A four step sterilization procedure is followed at our clinic to ensure highest level of safety.

» All the instruments are thoroughly scrubbed and all debris is removed.
» The washed instruments are then rinsed with chemicals in ultrasonic cleaners
» All the instruments are autoclaved

Autoclaving is the leading sterilization procedure. The instruments are sterilized using pressurized steam at about 135 degree Celsius. The pressurized steam kills all the bacteria and the instruments are left clean.

The autoclaved instruments are securely stored in the UV chamber
The autoclaved instruments are sealed in an air-tight pack and then placed in UV chambers. The UV light has the potential to maintain the sterilization effect for a longer duration.

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