Restoration/ filling

When the underneath alveolar bone melts away, it's considered that it’s gone for good, but through grafting, an expert dental professional can reconstruct bone to fuse with and support an implant. That is wonderful news, but it is still best to have a dental implant as soon as possible after the tooth is lost for the most expected aesthetic result.

A dental filling is a type of dentistry treatment used to repair tooth fractures, tooth decay or damaged surfaces. Enamel loss is the major reason of tooth decay. Once tooth decay is declared, your dentist will take X-ray to detect the cavity and decay. In many cases the affected tooth require special treatment including root canals, dental implanting , dental crowns , dental bridges etc.Composite porcelain and silver amalgam are used as filling material and it is even used on teeth surfaces for better chewing and biting.

Based on the medical history, location of cavity, biting force, esthetic needs, cost, durability, your dentist will decide which filling option is right for your teeth. These options include direct composite bonding using CAD/CAM equipment. The nearby affected area will be anaesthetized, if necessary. After cavity has been filled, your dentist will tell you the steps that you can take to prevent decay from forming around or under the filling. Amalgam, an alloy of copper, tin, mercury and silver has been used as a dental filling material for more than 150 years. It is safe, hard, and durable with high wear resistance and easy to use.

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